Onsite Management

Design and construction of modern septic tanks which allows
for 100% water recycling (DWWTs).

A clean and healthy environment is a fundamental right. With world population increase, waste generated by human surpasses what nature can handle. Waste management remains one of Africa’s greatest challenge in current times. Hence need for environmentally friendly and sustainable means to efficiently, sustainably & effectively manage our waste within limited time & space. Biotechnology is the panacea in waste management. On-site waste management reduces the time and space required to neutralize waste. It is on this principle that Ecosave Africa limited operates to achieve Sustainable Development Goal Number 6, to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Environmental Aspects of On-site waste water treatment systems

With the help of Ecotreat®, we are able to operate in an environmentally friendly manner, and achieving our GLOBAL MANDATE. Give our clients cutting edge services on their waste water management and in the process protecting the environment against pollution and as well saving our clients a lot of money.

This has been achieved in a number of ways;

1. Eliminate the need to exhaust.
  1. Organics in Waste Water broken down completely, water that remains is clear. Odor free
  2. Similar quality with the storm water.
  3. Waste water able to percolate into the ground
  4. Pit latrine or soak-pit never gets filled up, hence non-exhaustion
2. Waste water recycling.
  1. For systems where treated water can be separated from raw effluent.
  2. In multi-chambered septic tanks and oxidation ponds, waste water is completely treated by removing organics
  3. Water can be re-used for limited purposes such as flushing toilets, restricted irrigation.
  4. The water can also be directly released to storm drainage with ISO/NEMA approval/certification
  5. This helps conserve water especially in water scarce areas
  6. Saves the client money from excess water bills
  7. Through water recycling manual exhaustion is also eliminated. With a value addition
3. Ability to handle oil spills.
  1. Petroleum oil is a major environmental threat to land, fresh water and marine life, both locally and globally
  2. Ecotreat® has the ability to efficiently breakdown oil to water without any scum or sludge forming.
  3. Clients include car garages and oil pipelines
  4. Able to clean up contaminated land and water.
  5. Environmental friendly. No GHGs formed (CH4)
  6. Saves the client money from excess water bills

Biogas digester for value addition.

Ecosave Africa is also involved in research and development of sewage biogas power projects for municipalities, Governments and the private sectors to embrace and achieve efficient and green energy. Biogas Production can be achieved from animal waste, human waste, plants or food leftovers. Gas can therefore be used in production of energy for local needs or gigantic centralized energy parks for gas or electric power supply to the national grid.