1. Ecotreat Waste Digester

Ecotreat Waste Digester is a micro-organism-based product which assists in breaking down of organic waste including fats, grease, carbohydrates and proteins to a by-product that is predominantly water and nutrients. The water is then absorbed into the soil thus eliminating the need to exhaust.

Where can Ecotreat be used?

This product can be used in septic tanks & pit latrines in schools, residential & commercial estates, slaughterhouses, lagoons, municipal wastewater treatment works, oxidation ponds, bio-filters, agricultural farms, grease traps leading to a cleaner – odor free environment in the most costeffective way.

Benefits of Using Ecotreat Waste Digester.

  1. Economical: - It’s developed to be effective in the most efficient way with an affordable cost that makes it cheaper than exhaustion.
  2. Environmentally Friendly: - Ecotreat DOES NOT generate methane gas hence safe for use and disposal into the environment
  3. No Exhaustion: - the by-product that is predominantly water can be absorbed into the soil thus eliminating the need to exhaust. The end product that is treated water can also be recycled for limited irrigation or disposed off into the environment.
  4. No Smell: - Ecotreat reduces odor in the most effective way to an almost zero level.
  5. Chemical Free: - Ecotreat is 100% organic with no chemicals used during its production or preservation.
  6. Product Guarantee / Recommendations: - Ecotreat waste digester is an approved product by NEMA and has been recommended for domestic, industrial and commercial use for waste water treatment and management systems.

2. Odourex urinal balls

Due to the effect of mothballs, we as environmental managers specializing in organic waste management, focusing our services on non-chemical treatment of waste hereby introduce our new product ODOUREX as an alternative to mothballs in urinal pit and in waste water pathway to reduce the smell. Unlike mothballs which consist of naphthalene that increase greenhouse gas causing global warming and health effect on man and his environs, Odourex does not sublime thus making it non-pollutant.

Advantages of Odourex urinal balls

  1. Odourless
  2. Absorbs urine content and detoxifies before releasing urine
  3. Environmentally friendly, does not cause greenhouse effect or ozone layer depletion
  4. Chemical free based product
  5. 100% recyclable i.e. it can be recharged
  6. Economical – no need for disinfectants and deodorants such as mothballs it also does not sublime unlike naphthalene mothballs, thus longer shelf life